Seriously though... The British Public literally had bombs dropped on their cities during WWII and they said, "KEEP CALM and CARRY ON".

Fathers and brothers were dying in a brutal war with an uncertain outcome and they carried on, they kept calm.

It seems that our population today could use some more of this grit, this resolve, and this ethos.

2020 has been the year of everyone setting their hair on fire. Fear and panic. Why don't we just stop it? I believe one way to stop it is to mock it. 

No, really. We need to point out that our 2020 reaction to adversity has been a stark contrast to our forebearers.

Where they kept calm, we PANICKED. Where they carried on, we SHUT 'ER DOWN.

Perhaps with a little mockery, a little jest, and some hard truth, we can change minds and recover that old-fashioned common sense... and look good while doing it!